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If you go to Anthony Braxton’s new tricentricfoundation.org web site, you can download two new Braxton House CDs every month. He’s such a valuable artist that we really need to hear all his recordings, because even if some fail, others are superlatively good and important. Trouble is: he reportedly has 300 albums issued so far. If we buy only two of his albums each month, it would take 13 years to get them all. In the meantime, at the rate of seven new albums a year, he will have released 93 additional albums, which would take another four years to acquire — a total of 17 years. Plus, in those four more years he will have released 28 more albums — and so on. Plus, seven new albums a year is surely an unrealistically conservative estimate. Besides, I’m counting on Braxton to keep playing until he is 120 years old. […]

John Litweiler, Point of Departure no 34, avril 2011.
Extrait d’une recension
de Trio and Quintet (Town Hall) 1972 (hatOLOGY)
et 6 Duos (Wesleyan) 2006 (Nessa)

Dimanche 22 mai 2011 | Dans les oneilles, Monomanies |

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